139491 - He asked her for money or a ticket to travel to meet her, then he did not go 13220 - Is punishment from Allaah one of the consequences of sin? 21223 - She wants to give up prayer as she feels shy before Allaah because she is committing zina 140518 - Ruling on transgressing against the rights of kaafir workers 139470 - He wants to propose marriage to a girl whose father puts his money in the bank 20482 - How can we repent from shirk? 82662 - She is not sure whether her prayer and fasting are valid 135707 - Who are the ones who will come on the Day of Resurrection with good deeds like mountains but Allah will make them like scattered dust? 128989 - He worked for his father in return for payment, and he took some of it and used to spend from his father’s wealth without his knowledge 40664 - Practising the secret habit (masturbation) in Ramadaan without ejaculating 40589 - Practising the secret habit (masturbation) in Ramadaan 8861 - He has the habit of looking at nude pictures 128406 - Can they make use of the interest (riba) because they are in need? 121704 - He promised to marry her, then he became religious and mended his ways, and realised that she is not suitable for him 106964 - Benefiting from experience acquired in a haraam job 126677 - Mobile phone messages which spread fortune-telling 22912 - He committed a sin and does not know what he should do now 20642 - Does committing a sin openly put a person beyond the pale of Islam? 26845 - What should a man who is a partner is a camera shop do? 47834 - Is repentance accepted if the hadd punishment is not carried out on a person?