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98314 - He has repented from listening to music; what should he do with the CDs? 98636 - Acceptance of Repentance While at Odds With Brother 100449 - There is no expiation for a false oath except sincere repentance 97487 - The Sale of a Man Over the Sale of His Brother is Not Allowed 13630 - "She has put on hijaab ad repented from having haraam relationships - will Allaah forgive her?" 83997 - Not Praying Causes Distress and Anxiety 95758 - If a person persists in sin and commits major sins, can he ask Allaah for some worldly need? 95754 - He committed zina during one of the nights of Ramadan and he wants to repent 43017 - Repented From Stealing But Unable to Return Stolen Property 91510 - He has repented from interfering with his sisters’ daughters – what should he do? 91580 - A calamity befell him and he apostatized from Islam; can he repent? 91411 - He has repented from not praying and fasting; does he have to make up what he missed? 82866 - She entered Islam then she deviated from the path of guidance and she wants to repent 85266 - He took some property from a villa that was confiscated by the state; how should the wealth be returned? 44978 - They called upon the angels to witness their marriage 82720 - His boss gave him the choice between reducing his beard or leaving the job 83287 - He has fallen into sin and he is afraid that he may forget knowledge and Qur’aan 84038 - She did something haraam and now a righteous man has come to propose marriage to her but she feels guilty 66976 - He retained semen that resulted from an erotic dream and was harmed by that. Should he resort to the ‘secret habit’? 69914 - Repentance of a Witch