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72220 - Ruling on kissing one’s wife in the street in front of people 70314 - Enthusiasm when one first repents, followed by slackening off 46592 - Ruling on wishing for death 72198 - She spoke to men over the internet then she repented from that 66273 - He sent a hadeeth in order to spread good, then he found out that it is a fabricated hadeeth. What should he do? 32863 - He went to a fortuneteller and is asking whether he can repent and how he may repent? 65868 - A person is sick with gonorrhoea; will his prayers and fasting be accepted? 50508 - He does not pray and he lives with his girlfriend; he wants to repent and marry her 20274 - He has repented from a haraam relationship; should he marry his former girlfriend if she becomes Muslim? 20916 - Is it permissible for a Muslim woman to ask a Muslim man to marry her? 34171 - Will Allaah forgive someone who commits shirk? How can he strengthen his faith? 20236 - It is not essential to do ghusl or wudoo’ in order for repentance to be valid 44593 - Fleeing to Madeenah From Tribulation 45670 - He used to take money without his parents’ knowledge; what should he do now? 45001 - Every time he improves in worship, he goes back to sin 42464 - Is it possible to return to this world to do righteous deeds? 42992 - She committed incest with her brother – should she tell her husband? 40019 - He pilfered some money and does not know how much, and he cannot repay it. What should he do? 13436 - Is there any hadd punishment or expiation for masturbation? 22880 - Is it permissible to wish for death for fear of losing one's faith