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146421 - There is nothing wrong with saying in du‘aa’: “O Allah, accept from us our righteous deeds” 140011 - How can he claim that it is the day of ‘Arafah when he is in a country that differs with Makkah with regard to sighting the new moon? 41114 - Is the du’aa’ of a sinner not answered? 140573 - Is it permissible to ask Allah for his wife, whom he divorced three times, to marry a man who she does not get on with, so that he can take her back? 26215 - What is the ruling on women wearing high heels? 117186 - Asking Allah for one of the “miracles” of the awliya’ (“saints”) 20045 - Hajj is obligatory for women as it is for men 20054 - The meaning of sending blessings upon the Prophet 14549 - I am praying for a righteous husband but nothing has happened 127835 - Making supplication dependent upon sincerity in a particular action 102600 - In the case of general supplication (du’aa’), it is not stipulated that it should be narrated in the Sunnah 126912 - There is nothing wrong with asking the readers of the club to make du’aa’ for a Muslim who is going through difficulties 12372 - Praying for a long life 11694 - Should a person call upon Allaah even though Allaah knows his needs? 108941 - Praying to Allaah to restore an amputated hand 116874 - It is not prescribed to do a single prostration for the sake of du’aa’ 126258 - Qunoot should be said at times of calamity with a supplication that is appropriate, not with Du’aa’ al-Qunoot 126219 - The Muslims have to pray for their brothers in Gaza in the daily prayers and otherwise 126849 - Is the supplication of an insane person answered? 121254 - Is there a du’aa’ to be recited at the time of an earthquake?