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146797 - Is there a hadeeth which forbids hanging out children’s and infants’ clothes (on a washing line) after the sun sets? 27191 - His reputation has been tarnished – what should he do? 36748 - Should a man listen to his wife’s suggestions and consult her about matters? 111808 - Reciting Surah al-‘Asr Before Leaving a Gathering 127141 - It is mustahabb to close the doors of houses at night 125922 - “When the wings of the night spread , keep your children in, for the devils come out at that time” 34495 - Ruling on one who is killed in the fight against drugs 22170 - Conditions of permissible joking 105316 - Ruling on writing the Basmalah at the beginning of poems, stories and articles 104202 - Is this expression correct? 105332 - Seeking refuge with Allaah at the beginning of a khutbah or lecture 102828 - Prohibition on harming animals and setting them against one another 98793 - Entering Chat Rooms on the Internet for Fun 82120 - The reason why the right hand is preferred over the left 84976 - Praying for the one who treats you kindly by saying “Jazak Allaahu khayran” 45671 - Is it haraam to cut down lotus trees? 20811 - Speaking after ‘Isha prayer is makrooh 11413 - Islamic rights 8185 - Advice to those who visit chat rooms 2896 - What Ruling on killing mice and rats, and a comment on the character Mickey Mouse