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Etiquette of Marriage

153633 - They forgot to remember Allah at the time of intercourse; what should they do to protect the child from the Shaytaan? 192532 - Can the groom deliver khutbat an-nikaah and write his own marriage contract? 132263 - Advice to a sister who is going to get married 178673 - She is complaining about being "ugly". 12529 - Is it permissible to engage in coitus interruptus or to use a condom? 165548 - Is it permissible to have a wedding in the Hindu manner if it is free of religious components? 147020 - How to pray the two rak‘ahs on the wedding night 130671 - Is it permissible to rent halls for wedding parties in hotels in which evils are widespread? 129635 - Guidance of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allaah be upon him) with regard to marriage 101165 - He asking about the proper Islamic way to celebrate weddings 125907 - Seeking worldly characteristics in the fiancé and fiancée 96115 - Does Islam forbid saving up wealth? 91968 - There is nothing in Islam to say that anal intercourse is permissible 34170 - Commentary on the hadeeth, “A woman may be married for four things…” 69753 - Working in the area of film production, including videos of weddings, and the ruling on renting out videos 21734 - Does saying Bismillaah at the time of intercourse protect one against major sins? 13518 - Younger brother getting married before older brother 11446 - How should an Islamic wedding party be? 8866 - Is it makrooh to have intercourse facing the direction of the qiblah? 5560 - Etiquette of intimate relations