Relationships between the two genders

126987 - The ruling on castration 118395 - Every time her young maternal uncle sees her, he kisses her and hugs her, then her husband told her not to accept that 174399 - Contacting women via text messages for the purpose of work or personal matters 212478 - She got to know a man through the Internet and she wants to carry on talking to him and getting to know him because she wants to marry him 212309 - She is dating a Christian man and he has promised to become Muslim and marry her 121723 - She likes a religiously committed man, and there is correspondence between them, such as congratulations (for Ramadaan) and religious reminders. What should she do? 200949 - He suffers from compulsive waswaas and speaks words of kufr; does he have to do anything? 175414 - He studies in a mixed environment and when he interacts with his female classmate she doubts his actions 175225 - Is it permissible for him to enable his sister to see her suitor outside the home without his father’s knowledge? 169726 - He was the cause of a love relationship at work 97704 - He promised to marry her; does he have any marital rights 84907 - She was raped when she was small and now she wants to get married 166083 - Does a Muslim woman have to cover her face in the presence of a gay man? 163795 - He told his Hindu girlfriend that he would give up his religion; what should he do? 171334 - His daughter is in a relationship with her relative through chat and e-mail only; how should he deal with this problem? 36741 - Children who have reached the age of ten must be separated in their beds 147287 - He is complaining that his wife is too easy-going in her interaction with her cousin 126695 - Should she continue her studies in a mixed school where there are no Muslims? 146463 - She is afraid that her marriage may not be successful because she got to know him before marriage 149898 - His sister is studying in a mixed university; should he spend on her?