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Relationships between the two genders

147287 - He is complaining that his wife is too easy-going in her interaction with her cousin 126695 - Should she continue her studies in a mixed school where there are no Muslims? 146463 - She is afraid that her marriage may not be successful because she got to know him before marriage 149898 - His sister is studying in a mixed university; should he spend on her? 147307 - He took some money from a girl with whom he had a relationship; does he have to give it back? 146708 - He got to know a girl through correspondence and wants to marry her, but he is confused by the contradiction between some fatwas about getting married in this way 66266 - She formed a relationship with a man over the phone, and she wants advice 146086 - Ruling on gifts that she received through her relationship with a man before she got engaged 60269 - She advised him and he came to thank her, and they committed zina 150158 - Ruling on teaching Qur’aan to a non-Muslim 45668 - Is what he did to find out about his fiancée correct? 39258 - Ruling on greeting women with salaam and returning their greeting 39931 - He has repented from a relationship with a non-mahram woman but he still loves her and feels attached to her 137912 - Should she tell her fiancé that she lost her virginity or should she cancel the engagement? 146592 - Can she take off her Hijab in front of people who have learning difficulties? 146441 - Ruling on a woman being alone in a room with an officer so that she may get what she is entitled to 12663 - Ruling on a man kissing or hugging a woman on the grounds of friendship 45883 - He is studying in a mixed university; how should he deal with female teachers and students? 49024 - He wants to look at women in the street with the intention of proposing marriage 27329 - She has repented from an illicit relationship but she wants to contact him in order to get married to him