Relationships between the two genders

87666 - Is it permissible for an old man to be alone with a female servant? 85239 - He regrets his first marriage and wants to take a second wife 44978 - They called upon the angels to witness their marriage 69824 - Ruling on shaking hands with an old woman and a young girl 82702 - She got to know someone over the phone and he promised to marry her 84089 - She likes someone and he asked her to go out with him, what should she do? 83032 - Man teaching women Qur’aan memorization from behind a screen 70427 - Sitting beside women on public transport because one is forced to 72448 - She has no choice but to study in a mixed environment – can she comment and debate in front of males? 50398 - He works in a mixed environment and is worried about his fast 34726 - She saw in a dream that she was with the one whom she loves, but her parents are refusing 39178 - Is it permissible for her to pray in front of employees at work? 36807 - Is it permissible to correspond with one’s fiancée via e-mail? 60144 - Can his wife uncover in front of his elderly uncle? 59907 - He is in love with a girl and she loves him but he says that they are doing something good 52768 - Is this relationship brotherhood for the sake of Allaah or a relationship that is not acceptable according to sharee’ah? 52814 - Is it permissible for her sister’s husband to stay overnight with them in their house? 50737 - She is in love with a married man and cannot keep away from him 50508 - He does not pray and he lives with his girlfriend; he wants to repent and marry her 47405 - He is in love with a girl and wants to marry her