Honouring Parents

210875 - How should the family deal with a disobedient son? 214117 - Ruling on not obeying parents with regard to medical treatment 213243 - Ruling on congratulating one’s mother on her birthday 199427 - Should he give up his place in the Hajj lottery to his father even though he has not yet done the obligatory Hajj? 145290 - She stopped praying when she was sick, then she died; do her heirs have to do anything? 214190 - Her parents are disagreeing and each of them is neglecting the rights of the other, and she is asking for advice 212981 - I do not want to get married but my parents want me to; am I Islamically obliged to agree? 203489 - Is the child obliged to obey the parents and give up his or her share of the inheritance? 129319 - His mother mistreats his wife and her family 202542 - His parents think that he does not offer the naafil prayers, but he prays them in secret for fear of showing off. Should he tell them about that? 6830 - He wants to do Hajj first and his father wants him to get married first 188542 - Will righteous deeds that the son did when his parents were angry be accepted? 104298 - If his father asked him for money and he does not have any, does he have to take a loan? 176847 - Hating an Unjust Father 176907 - Taking an Interest Bearing Loan to Escape Difficult Situation at Home 175218 - If a married son does not live with his mother, is he regarded as being disobedient towards her? 175225 - Is it permissible for him to enable his sister to see her suitor outside the home without his father’s knowledge? 175863 - His parents want to separate, and each of them wants him to be on their side 181007 - Is it obligatory for him to migrate from the West when his mother and family need him? 114787 - She has a friend who does not wear hijab and her mother has told her not to be friends with her; should she obey her mother?