Honouring Parents

30796 - Should he get married without his father’s approval? 131469 - He goes for ‘Umrah and takes his mother with him, and his wife objects 72841 - He gives his family money to buy luxuries and borrows from his wife 12199 - Should he obey his parents or follow the Sunnah? 119411 - Does he have to obey his mother by making his wife go out to work? 12652 - He wants to benefit his deceased father 27017 - Does the mother have the right to stop her daughter fasting because of nutrition? 105423 - He promised his mother to give her money that she could put towards building a mosque, then she died 22724 - His family have cut him off because he got married without their approval 27196 - She became Muslim but her family did not; should she honour her family even though they mistreat her? 108862 - How should he offer expiation for his oath? 105424 - Should he obey his father and give up his studies in order to work in business? 50660 - He had a disagreement with his parents before Ramadaan began; what do you advise him to do? 33680 - Muslim society and the care of the elderly 26852 - Does a son or daughter have the right to refuse the person whom the parents choose for them to marry? 110845 - The mother’s rights over her daughter are great but the husband’s rights over his wife are greater 102538 - His father wants him to travel for work and his wife insists on him staying 60459 - Is it permissible for him to lie to his parents in order to go out and seek (Islamic) knowledge? 106453 - He does not take his mother to the Sacred Mosque because he fears for her, but she goes with the driver 82453 - His mother makes false accusations against his wife