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Honouring Parents

26852 - Does a son or daughter have the right to refuse the person whom the parents choose for them to marry? 110845 - The mother’s rights over her daughter are great but the husband’s rights over his wife are greater 102538 - His father wants him to travel for work and his wife insists on him staying 60459 - Is it permissible for him to lie to his parents in order to go out and seek (Islamic) knowledge? 106453 - He does not take his mother to the Sacred Mosque because he fears for her, but she goes with the driver 82453 - His mother makes false accusations against his wife 101321 - If her husband prevents her from visiting her parents, will she be rewarded for her intention? 84327 - Problems with his family because he is depressed 98768 - What are the limits within which parents may interfere in their son’s marriage? Is he sinning if he goes against their wishes? 100947 - Should he leave his job so that he can live with his parents? 95780 - His family are criticizing him for staying with them and not getting married; how should he deal with them? 89945 - Praise and Thanksgiving to Allah Accompanied by Gratitude to Parents 91777 - His mother does not agree to him marrying this woman; what should he do? 97216 - Is hunting in the Sacred months haraam? 84036 - His mother does not like his wife and that has led to him living with her family 95588 - His father denies that prayer is obligatory and reviles the Sahaabah. What is the ruling concerning him, and how should he interact with him? 83089 - She respects her mother-in-law more than she respects her mother! 93045 - She is helping her parents from her salary without her husband’s knowledge 94861 - Is the duty of honouring one’s parents waived if they practise witchcraft against their children? 83691 - Does he have to ask his parents for permission to travel a short distance for two days?