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Honouring Parents

87802 - Their father treats them and their mother harshly so they have decided to cut him off 87825 - She is divorced and she does not want to live with her mother, but in her own apartment 90030 - Offering the funeral prayer for the deceased several years after the burial 87592 - He swore to divorce his wife in order to force his son to shave his beard 88747 - Should he force his mother to move from the old house that is making her sick? 69965 - Should he obey his father and shave people’s beards in his shop? 83829 - Ruling on ‘ataaqah or reading Qur’aan for the dead 82724 - He wants to get married but his mother is objecting to that because he is young 35533 - If a person’s parents are pleased with him is that a sign that Allaah is pleased with him? 72880 - Can he eat from his father’s wealth although its source is a café in which there are haraam things? 76408 - He is complaining that his mother mistreats him 71173 - A son argues with his parents about food and prayer 72397 - His mother treated him badly after he got married 72252 - He has become Muslim but his mother wants him to go back to being a Christian 60259 - His father does not let him pray Fajr in the mosque – should he obey him? 42088 - Is it better to do Hajj on behalf of one who has died, or to give charity? 65867 - Is it disobedience towards his parents if he travels to seek provision and leaves them? 47244 - His father wants him to help him in his business which involves some things that go against sharee’ah 13662 - Can a father take whatever he wants from his child’s wealth even if he is rich? 49719 - Their father is senile and divorced their mother – did divorce really take place? And should they put him in a home for the elderly?