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Honouring Parents

65867 - Is it disobedience towards his parents if he travels to seek provision and leaves them? 47244 - His father wants him to help him in his business which involves some things that go against sharee’ah 13662 - Can a father take whatever he wants from his child’s wealth even if he is rich? 49719 - Their father is senile and divorced their mother – did divorce really take place? And should they put him in a home for the elderly? 47040 - Man divorcing his wife on his parents’ orders 49723 - His father told him to sell the car because he is afraid that he may have an accident. Should he do as he is told? 45864 - Her father mistreats her and her mother resents her, and this has affected her relationship with her husband 44923 - His mother wants him to divorce his second wife so that no one else will follow his example and marry more than one wife 34176 - She has become Muslim and he wants to marry her but his mother refuses 22782 - How should the Muslim honour his parents? 40283 - His parents refuse to let him shorten his lower garments. Should he obey them? 27265 - His brother only treats his parents in a harsh manner, and he is afraid that he has been bewitched 27281 - Should he obey his father and buy him alcohol? 27173 - He married a widow and his family objects 27105 - What is the ruling on living with a kaafir mother? 12633 - Should I obey my father and give up being friends with good people? 26804 - Her mother wants to give her a birthday party – what should she do? 21831 - He wants to get married but his father is refusing 21737 - A wife’s responsibilities towards her parents 20996 - Ruling on reciting Qur’aan for another person, living or dead