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Honouring Parents

20945 - He proposed to a girl, but his father died not approving of her and his mother does not want her 13032 - The obligation to be steadfast in adhering to the truth and not to obey anyone if it involves disobedience to the Creator 11790 - His mother favours his brother’s wife over his wife 11495 - He has a clean heart but he does not respect his parents 11623 - Her parents want her to get married; she is 17 years old and feels that she is still too young 5176 - She wants to study in America and her father is telling her not to wear hijaab 7645 - She is taking care of her disabled brother and her parents want her to get married 6517 - His mother died in kufr – can he pray for her? 11757 - Her husband will not let their children visit their kaafir grandparents 9594 - Does my father have the right to take whatever he wants of my wealth? 5053 - My mother’s rights over me, my rights over her, and the extent of my independence 4270 - His father asks him to buy cigarettes for him 2053 - It is a duty on man to be kind to his parents 6293 - Who has priority, one’s mother or one’s wife? 5222 - Should he build a house or give the money to his father to get married? 5326 - What is the importance of honouring one’s parents in Islam? 5512 - Does a mother have the right to reject a woman her son wants to marry? 5645 - Turning up the volume of music for one’s parents with a remote control 4566 - Her father is asking her for money to build a house for his second wife 2621 - How to deal with a misbehaving mother