Bad behaviour

127290 - She used to do the secret habit and did not do ghusl but she fasted and prayed 130645 - He makes some useful contributions on the Internet and sometimes he checks out haraam things, should he stay there or leave? 129670 - She has committed sin and wants to repent 40664 - Practising the secret habit (masturbation) in Ramadaan without ejaculating 40589 - Practising the secret habit (masturbation) in Ramadaan 130768 - Should he encourage a relationship between a Muslim man and a kaafir woman so as to protect her from evil and call her to good?! 10224 - Is it permissible to go to beaches where there is nakedness and free mixing? 131101 - If he puts his status on Messenger/Facebook saying that he is out when he is at home 9345 - Deceiving and lying are not permitted in dealings with others 14367 - Is it permissible to steal from the kuffaar? 111797 - He had a customary marriage with her (zawaaj ‘urfi) then he left her and ran away! 22845 - The phenomenon of cheating 20642 - Does committing a sin openly put a person beyond the pale of Islam? 126925 - Ruling on looking at adorned women deliberately and otherwise 39768 - A religious young man is suffering with the secret habit (masturbation) because of watching TV 106509 - Warning against male teacher being alone with a female student 111817 - Ruling on thinking of haraam things without actually doing them 104812 - Writing reports for students or taking them from the internet 34222 - She complained about her friend and her brother has forsaken her 117066 - It is haraam to sell an item without pointing out its faults, even if he is selling it to a kaafir