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Bad behaviour

84956 - Deducting from an employees wages because of his mistakes 9229 - Ridding oneself of arrogance 89709 - Marriage proposal from one who smokes and drinks, and doesn’t pray regularly 84299 - Relationship of Sin and Attitude to Aqeedah 83140 - Can a person with AIDS masturbate? 88422 - He could not find a job so he changed his name and claimed to belong to another tribe 85345 - Ruling on putting flowers and plants in the bathroom 83581 - He gave him advice and he did not pay any heed; should he cut off ties with him? 59873 - She is confused about the answer to a question concerning women talking to men 83887 - Ruling on a debtor leading the prayer 45148 - Is it permissible to curse those who commit sin? 84224 - Is there any sin on him if he takes out a loan for someone else and he does not pay it off? 83390 - His friend curses a great deal 83287 - He has fallen into sin and he is afraid that he may forget knowledge and Qur’aan 82089 - He talks to women and looks at promiscuous sites on the internet, and his wife objects 35455 - He imagines that he is having intercourse with someone other than his wife 69840 - Keeping a dog, touching it and kissing it 60200 - Ruling on one who puts something in his back passage, and how can he be treated? 66976 - He retained semen that resulted from an erotic dream and was harmed by that. Should he resort to the ‘secret habit’? 50398 - He works in a mixed environment and is worried about his fast