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Bad behaviour

66976 - He retained semen that resulted from an erotic dream and was harmed by that. Should he resort to the ‘secret habit’? 50398 - He works in a mixed environment and is worried about his fast 78376 - Ruling on cursing the shaytaan during the day in Ramadaan 66824 - Ruling on entering bathhouses and uncovering the awrah for a massage 72338 - Ruling on the crime of rape 60316 - Is it permissible to swear a false oath in order to reconcile between two disputing parties? 69964 - A woman asking about the religious commitment of one who comes to propose marriage to her is not making things difficult 70275 - Commiting Sin with Fiancee 59990 - Her mother mistreats the servants and does not respond to advice 65506 - They allow mixing in the mosque because they want people to attend 65551 - He insults Islam – should he be friends with him? How should he deal with him? 52810 - Is it permissible for him to cheat a kaafir government and take money from them? 52901 - Ruling on defending the honour of the kuffaar 43775 - Statement from the Standing Committee warning against “Star Academy” and similar shows 50716 - Taking Money from Non-Muslims by Treacherous Means 50526 - Prohibition on describing the charms of another woman to one’s husband 52807 - She told a lie against her husband; how can she set things straight? 42513 - Stealing phone time from a kaafir state 21922 - What is the ruling on taking pictures surreptitiously and transmitting them? 42564 - Ruling on selling haraam clothes to the kuffaar