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Inviting others to Islam

200915 - Is it permissible to pray in a mosque where the ground floor is controlled by the Shi‘ah and the Sunnis control the upper floor? 151261 - Comments on the ban on the hijab and niqab in some countries, and the ruling on non-Muslim women being uncovered in Muslim countries 218803 - He rented a floor in his building for an Islamic centre, and they hold Friday prayers there and cause inconvenience to others 196720 - What is the ruling on paying membership fees to Islamic societies and centres in Western countries? 169654 - Is it permissible to add non-mahram women to his list of Facebook friends for the purpose of da‘wah and offering advice? 164616 - Ruling oen sending Qur’aanic verses by text message or e-mail 161241 - She has recently become Muslim and she wants to keep her dog 120234 - Should he approve of their playing cards so that they will not go to dance halls and clubs? 126856 - A Spanish newspaper is accusing our website of fanaticism and extremism 126262 - She used her neighbour’s Internet and discovered her talent in writing; should she use this talent? 122505 - They go against sharee’ah and use as an excuse the fact that there are righteous people who do that 109207 - Is it permissible for the kaafir to enter the mosque to listen to a lecture? 34295 - Why do people not respond to the laws of Allaah? 117705 - Competition writing the beautiful names of Allaah among members of a forum 101317 - Text messages and e-mails which say: “Forward this or else you will be sinning and such and such will happen to you” 66225 - They receive instructions to preach about national holidays in their khutbahs – what should they do? 65682 - Should she stop her prayer because her family does not know that she is Muslim? 65506 - They allow mixing in the mosque because they want people to attend 13403 - Attitude towards fitnah 23389 - His parents want him to give up da’wah work