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Calling Muslims to Islam

33827 - She has become Muslim and is asking how she should tell her parents 40405 - She is confused about women’s rights in Islam 10081 - Changing an evil is something that does concern a Muslim, it is not one of the things that do not concern him 21505 - He wants some statistics on internet filth in order to convince some of his friends 120234 - Should he approve of their playing cards so that they will not go to dance halls and clubs? 129317 - Islamic advice to sisters graduating from university 109211 - Can a daa‘iyah sit alone with a woman (khulwah) to teach her? 127067 - Advice to a young man who is beginning to follow the path of righteousness 109201 - Should a new Muslim be taught all the rulings in one go? 106524 - Ruling on circumcision for one who has become Muslim 34563 - Keep your duty to Allaah and fear Him as much as you can 13682 - What is it recommended for a sick person to do when his illness is terminal? 126369 - Female broadcasters and daa’iyahs on Islamic channels pluck their eyebrows. Does this mean that what they do is permissible? 112100 - Response to one who claims that the Muslims’ backwardness is because of their adherence to their religion 112109 - The way to unite the Muslims on the truth 9380 - How to deal with sinful families 22021 - Women giving a false excuse for not praying 70557 - Is it permissible to watch movies or clips that show women for exhortation and to learn a lesson? 45532 - She adheres to the Sunnah and is being accused of being a fanatic, and she wants advice 106447 - He has been guided recently, and his family and friends mock him. What should he do?