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Calling non-Muslims to Islam

174691 - Refuting the fabrication of the liars who say that the immortal youths (in Paradise) are created for homosexuals! 164633 - A Jewish person is rejecting what the Qur’an says and claiming that the Jews do not believe that ‘Uzayr is the son of God or that the hand of God is tied up 110592 - Did ‘Eesaa (peace be upon him) die? Where is he now? And a comment on what is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew 227261 - A Christian woman is worried that her marriage to her Muslim husband may be invalid 126168 - He believes that Jesus is better than Muhammad and he impugns our Prophet 84308 - The Prophet’s interactions with the Jews 135001 - Is it permissible for them to allow the disbelievers to celebrate their festivals in the hall of the mosque? 209007 - Ruling on studying the books of the People of the Book for the purpose of da‘wah (calling them to Islam), and the ruling on studying comparative religion. 220070 - Concerning obedience to his disbelieving parents, and attribution of an illegitimate son 180503 - Is it permissible to give meat from the udhiyah to a non-Muslim neighbour? 209600 - Islam is a peaceful religion with those who are peaceful 214748 - Confusion about the hadeeth which says that the prayer is interrupted by a woman, a donkey and a dog 178689 - Response to a misguided person who objects to the idea that Allah sent His Messenger as a mercy to the worlds 211007 - A Christian woman married a Muslim man without a wali (guardian) and she is asking about the ruling on her marriage 212658 - She wants to take off her hijab because she was forced to wear it when she was young! 147329 - How can the Qur’an be a miracle for the non-Arabs when it is Arabic and they do not know Arabic? 196145 - How can I call someone who wants to become Christian? 143146 - How we should react to websites that vilify Islam, and what are the ways in which we can support Islam? 191770 - Ruling on distributing leaflets and pamphlets that contain Qur’anic verses for da‘wah purposes to non-Muslims 186813 - Which takes priority: calling non-Muslims to Islam or calling non-committed Muslims to become religiously committed?