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Calling non-Muslims to Islam

154022 - A Christian woman whose father died and her co-religionists ignore her; she is thinking about entering Islam 148661 - Response to the text in the Gospel of Matthew which is keeping him from becoming Muslim 43164 - Praying for kaafirs to be guided 27302 - A Muslim whose kaafir family are threatening to hang him because of his being Muslim 146436 - His Christian family start the meal with a supplication to Jesus; what should he do? 20815 - A Christian Wants to Become Muslim and is Asking about the Prayer 20920 - Her boyfriend has become a Muslim and is making her choose between Islam and splitting up 131777 - Duties of a Muslim towards a non-Muslim 40882 - A Christian is asking why alcohol is emphatically prohibited in Islam? 31796 - She wants to become Muslim but her mother and grandmother are opposed to the idea 20756 - Islam and Muslims 145589 - A Christian woman saw in her dream that she was in the mosque and she saw the Qur'aan lighting the way 136360 - A 12-year-old Muslim girl whose father is an atheist and her mother is Christian; they revile her Lord and her Prophet -- what should she do? 6542 - She wants to become Muslim but she envisages a problem with regard to Hajj and official papers 128477 - Debating with the Jews and Christians about their beliefs and religion 130768 - Should he encourage a relationship between a Muslim man and a kaafir woman so as to protect her from evil and call her to good?! 10134 - Ruling on those who are not reached by the call of Islam 127938 - The difference between the wine of this world and the Hereafter 115985 - A Christian woman is close to becoming Muslim and is married to a (Muslim) man who does not pray. What is the ruling on her marriage? 119825 - Why was ‘Eesa (peace be upon him) singled out to be lifted up into heaven?