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Calling non-Muslims to Islam

82360 - Muslims’ opinion of Christians; is the jihad that they spoke of in the past still ongoing? 65683 - She drinks wine in front of him and he is afraid that if he divorces her, she will take the children, and she is a kaafir 83621 - She wants some advice for her Christian classmates 88619 - If a kaafir becomes Muslim, what is the ruling on his illegitimate children? 43819 - Prohibition on buying goods from their sellers before they reach the market 72252 - He has become Muslim but his mother wants him to go back to being a Christian 69752 - She became Muslim but her family do not know and they want her to marry a non-Muslim 74976 - He wants to become Muslim and marry a Muslim woman 49715 - It is Not Essential for One to Declare One’s Islam Before Witnesses in Order for it To Be Valid 69876 - Should she end her relationship with some kaafir women or use the opportunity for da’wah? 70219 - Should he let his Christian aunt stay with him so that he can call her to Islam? 70236 - She and her married boyfriend want to become Muslim – can they get married after they become Muslim? 50774 - He is Debating with a Christian and is Asking: Does God Have a Spirit? 42573 - Discussion with a Christian About the Christian Doctrine of Redemption 12615 - Discussion with a Christian about the Crucifixion 12637 - Doubts about what the Qur’aan says about ‘Eesa (peace be upon him) 12628 - Discussion With a Christian: The Oneness of God is the Message of Jesus and all the Prophets, Peace be Upon Them 21743 - A Christian is praying and fasting with the Muslims by way of experiment 12558 - A Christian is asking about the reason for the prohibition on pork 12564 - A Christian is asking about the prohibition on alcohol