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Childrens Upbringing

219422 - There is nothing wrong with celebrating in order to encourage children and teach them to pray when they reach the age of seven years 138101 - What is the appropriate age to teach children sex education? 210875 - How should the family deal with a disobedient son? 217409 - Raising children in an unrighteous environment 175739 - Ruling on Muslim and Christian students coming together and reciting from the Qur’an and the distorted Gospel, then saying “ameen” to one another’s recitation 212543 - He wants to divorce his wife so that he will be free to focus on seeking knowledge 215167 - How should we raise our children? 101752 - How can she introduce Islam to her young children and make them love it? 103420 - Waking Up Seven-Year Old Child for Fajr 177509 - Spending Time Only Working 134777 - Ruling on going to funfairs and on riding on things that are in the shape of animate beings 145050 - Recognizing Individual Differences Between Children? 148188 - Worried About the Corruption His Child May Be Exposed to in Secondary School 138104 - Islamic Schools in the West - Negative Effect on Students? 152628 - Dealing With Children Who are Heedless About Prayer 129377 - Role of Mother’s Husband Towards Wife’s ChildrenWith Regard to Their Upbringing and Education 113462 - Should Middle School Students Be Encouraged to Offer Regular Sunnah Prayers and Witr? 128686 - Whoever Sets a Bad Precedent Will Bear the Burden of Sin of Those Who Do it Until the Day of Resurrection 107515 - Uncovering Pubic Area for Sons to Teach Them How to Shave Pubic Hair! 129549 - Mother Not Instructing Eleven Year Old Daughter to Pray-Whose Responsibility?