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Psychological and Social Problems

237326 - She became Muslim and she has a daughter, and she is wondering about her chances of marrying a Muslim and some of the rulings on marriage 98965 - Rulings and issues for a husband who discovered a romantic relationship between his wife and another man 72892 - The Shaytaan whispers to him to make him imagine a form for Allah, may He exalted, so that he can attain the level of ihsaan! 226121 - I did not let my husband read a message from my friend, and he got angry 201751 - What should a person do if he feels that his death is approaching? 138451 - When is it permissible to do a sex-change operation from male to female or vice versa? 175995 - What should we do if my maternal aunt and her husband are trying to cause trouble for us and hurt us? 121680 - He suffers from vasocongestion and pain, and the doctor advised him to masturbate 129319 - His mother mistreats his wife and her family 200949 - He suffers from compulsive waswaas and speaks words of kufr; does he have to do anything? 179357 - She is annoyed by the constant demands from her husband’s father for financial support even though he is able to work and earn a living 22877 - Suffering From Weak Faith 93230 - Husband falling short in his duties towards his wife because of physical and mental illness 177657 - What is the ruling if a child commits suicide before the age of puberty? 138453 - She is refusing to travel with her husband because it is too difficult for her to live in a foreign country far away from her family 95114 - She loves her husband madly and is looking for a solution 33651 - Dealing with the fitnah (temptation) of women 69769 - Should she tell her husband about her previous relationships? 45520 - She feels attracted to someone other than her husband 84066 - Ruling on sexual fantasies