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Psychological and Social Problems

50737 - She is in love with a married man and cannot keep away from him 45830 - She had some problems after telling her boss about a bad woman at work 14394 - He is afraid to get married lest he has intercourse with his wife in his back passage 41703 - Feeling fed up of life 22494 - He wants to kill his wife’s relatives after they robbed him and took his wife by deceit 47565 - causes of apathy and the remedy for that 47694 - Ruling on cosmetic surgery 45905 - Is it permissible for a father to force his daughter to work in a mixed environment? 49666 - He married her on the basis that he would come back to his country after a certain amount of time, then he decided not to go back 45858 - Her brother’s wife mistreats her because she is religiously-committed and she hates her 45864 - Her father mistreats her and her mother resents her, and this has affected her relationship with her husband 44684 - Her son controls her 43476 - He is having a problem with his second wife and he fears for his daughter 38245 - Her father tries to hit her and prevent her from fasting 32450 - Her husband repented from taking drugs then he went back to it. Does she have the right to seek annulment of the marriage? 26282 - Bringing servants from abroad 40278 - He consummated the marriage with her and found that she was not a virgin even though she has never committed any immoral action 40233 - Her friend keeps company with men and commits sins, and she refuses to accept advice. What is to be done? 27265 - His brother only treats his parents in a harsh manner, and he is afraid that he has been bewitched 11458 - Their father is active in da’wah but they are complaining about his bad treatment of his family