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Psychological and Social Problems

84907 - She was raped when she was small and now she wants to get married 34151 - His wife is weak in religious commitment – what should he do? 162851 - His wife committed zina twice with a Christian man; should he divorce her? If she apostatises will there be any sin on him? 60269 - She advised him and he came to thank her, and they committed zina 152086 - She has become flabby because of losing weight; can she have surgery to lift her breasts? 32725 - She is complaining about her husband’s attachment to the Society for the Promotion of Virtue 32731 - He is complaining of a problem between his wife and his sisters 152778 - She became Muslim but her husband did not; is it allowed for her not to stop living with him because of his poor health and her financial situation? 45600 - Her husband only gives her maintenance, and he lives far away from her. Can she ask for a divorce? 126264 - Her husband has divorced her; can she ask the married imam of the mosque who has tried to help her to marry her? 21109 - He got married then he regretted it 42551 - Her husband does not do any of his duties, he sleeps a lot and he neglect prayers 32479 - Family planning 20088 - He fears for the future 22704 - Being Successful in Life 21510 - My wife is not beautiful!! 20960 - No Place for Ablution or Prayer at Work 45847 - He has taken on the responsibility and feels anxious and depressed 43347 - Improving Relationship With Husband 46623 - She became Muslim recently and feels anxious about the future