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Psychological and Social Problems

27279 - Is it a sin if one does not feel comfortable with a particular person? 121727 - His friend got to know a woman; can he call her to ask her to keep away from him? 141628 - There are some problems between his mother and his wife, and his mother wants him to live far away from her 143540 - She has hidden her Islam for several years, and her family want to get her married to a Christian! What should she do? 23317 - Problem of forgetting appointments 21149 - Wife’s family making the husband have doubts about his wife 140534 - She swore a false oath; how can she expiate that? 106614 - He is suffering from sleeplessness 136360 - A 12-year-old Muslim girl whose father is an atheist and her mother is Christian; they revile her Lord and her Prophet -- what should she do? 26231 - Ruling on bringing a servant into the home 142071 - A young man wants to follow the Sunnah but his father is Shi’i and wants to prevent him from following true guidance. What advice can you give? 118325 - Ruling on asking for divorce because of depression 126845 - Advice and guidelines for someone who cannot mix with people and prefers to stay home alone 126523 - She married an American man who announced his Islam, then he stopped praying and denied that Allah created the heavens. What should she do? 129670 - She has committed sin and wants to repent 127670 - He married her without the knowledge of his first wife, then his secret was found out, and he is still not giving her her rights with regard to his staying overnight with her 121467 - His wife behaves badly towards him and he has children from her. Should he divorce her? 127587 - He said to his fiancée: If you conceal anything from me, you will be haraam to me after marriage 20927 - She is jealous because her husband cares more about his sister than her 111974 - She dreams of death and is afraid of it