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Psychological and Social Problems

111974 - She dreams of death and is afraid of it 111938 - Ruling on committing suicide because of depression 125966 - She is studying in a mixed university and she wants to leave it and wear niqab even though her parents object 20910 - Her husband is forcing her to wear niqaab and she wants advice 126611 - His wife torments his daughter from another wife, and he has a son from her, and he is confused as to how he should deal with her 49708 - His wife and her family accused him of having something wrong with his mind; should he take a second wife? 126189 - After her husband died she found out that he was a Raafidi, and his behaviour was bad 47764 - He does not allow his wife to appear in front of his brothers 126326 - Her family forbade her to speak to her friend because of her relationship with her friend’s brother, then she got married; can she speak to her now? 125826 - She used to sit with him and his wife, and he decided to marry her and divorce his wife! 119858 - She is three weeks pregnant and her husband is threatening her with divorce if she does not abort the foetus 23362 - She is upset by her husband’s many guests who come all the time 104492 - She repented from a haram relationship in which she lost her virginity. Should she marry who fornicated with her? 21898 - She is a new Muslim and is complaining about her husband 21865 - He is afraid of meeting people 95405 - Her wali repeatedly refused suitors; can she arrange her own marriage? 101574 - She left her husband’s home, and her lover asked her to marry him when she was still married! 34222 - She complained about her friend and her brother has forsaken her 106441 - She forsook her friends, but this had a negative effect on her – advice 21696 - He bequeathed one-third of his wealth to his daughters as a punishment to his son for taking all the money