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Psychological and Social Problems

82645 - Spouses who argue a great deal and she hits him. Should he divorce her? 113970 - He studies in a mixed school in a foreign country and is asking about attending “sex education” classes 104078 - The danger of admiration between members of the same sex, the remedy, and how the one who is admired should react 110845 - The mother’s rights over her daughter are great but the husband’s rights over his wife are greater 101169 - He is homosexual and is afraid to get married 111919 - She stipulated that her husband would not smoke and he did not adhere to the condition 111863 - Her father will not let her get married on the grounds that she should complete her education 46910 - If there are ongoing arguments and disputes with the husband, is divorce required? 113431 - Her school is mixed and her father refuses to let her leave! 45532 - She adheres to the Sunnah and is being accused of being a fanatic, and she wants advice 111875 - A woman asking for a divorce from her husband who is addicted to drugs 107615 - How should she get rid of those who are wasting her life 112172 - She is sad because she is unmarried and is asking for advice 20130 - Our worries are bothering us a great deal! 111816 - His mother forced him to fall short with regard to the rights of one of his two wives 99264 - Should she agree to be a second wife or be patient? 83721 - He did a marriage contract with her and she changed – should he divorce her? 83778 - She lives with her mother-in-law and there are a lot of problems between them 83179 - Who has more right to her son – her or her husband whom she suspects of witchcraft? What are the signs of the practitioner of witchcraft? 83044 - His wife became Muslim but he hurts her and mistreats her