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Psychological and Social Problems

83044 - His wife became Muslim but he hurts her and mistreats her 82453 - His mother makes false accusations against his wife 106447 - He has been guided recently, and his family and friends mock him. What should he do? 102039 - He is hesitant to marry this girl because of her lack of religious commitment 84327 - Problems with his family because he is depressed 105468 - Does his wife become haraam for him if he commits zina with her sister? 101776 - Husband Forcing Wife to Divulge Private Conversations 103099 - Do not panic if du’aa’s are not answered 99176 - Comment on the Shaza channel and the ruling on subscribing to it 102076 - Her husband no longer treats her well because she had a relationship with another man 104054 - Her fiancé refuses to let her wear hijab 98682 - His faith grew weak after he had become righteous and he stopped praying for a few days 98829 - Her husband is mentally ill and hurts her. How should she deal with him? Does he have any rights? 98768 - What are the limits within which parents may interfere in their son’s marriage? Is he sinning if he goes against their wishes? 85362 - Motives for success and overcoming failure 100267 - Many calamities have befallen her and she has given up on life, and she is asking for the solution 100949 - She wants to stay overnight with her family and her husband wants her to stay with his family 94836 - He is attracted to beardless youths; how can he rid himself of this sickness? 95780 - His family are criticizing him for staying with them and not getting married; how should he deal with them? 26333 - Her sister mistreated her – should she forsake her?