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Psychological and Social Problems

97152 - She is refusing those who propose marriage – could it be sihr (witchcraft)? 26913 - How should he deal with his wife who is mentally ill? 84849 - Should he marry a woman who got divorced for his sake? 98409 - Acceptable minimum for shrouding 96665 - Reasons why the mother interferes in her married daughter’s life and how to deal with it 96531 - How will those who entered Hell then were brought forth from it enjoy Paradise? 83034 - Shar’i implications of husband’s zina with his wife’s mother before and after marriage 96103 - His wife reviles him and insults him. What should he do? 83997 - Not Praying Causes Distress and Anxiety 89704 - She accepted him as a husband after praying istikhaarah but he divorced her 98032 - He made divorce conditional upon something that his wife does not know about 95487 - She hates her husband and fears that she may fall into zina if she stays with him 85512 - She shows her adornments before her husband’s brothers 70469 - Should she cut off ties with her family who are trying to lead her astray and are opposed to her becoming righteous? 96144 - He thinks his mother used witchcraft against him and they are on bad terms with one another 97800 - Her father is forcing her to attend gatherings in which there are innovations (bid’ah). How should she behave with him? 97083 - Advice to a father whose son has stopped memorizing Qur’aan because of the intention, and advice to his son 72355 - He found out that his wife was having a relationship with a man, then she repented. Should he divorce her? 88086 - Should he walk with his sister who makes a wanton display of her beauty (tabarruj)? 95769 - Hymen repair for one who was divorced before consummation of the marriage