Psychological and Social Problems

81994 - He likes to imitate women 91868 - She was put under pressure and forced to steal from her maternal aunt 83799 - Is it permissible to put the sperm of the husband and the egg from the wife in the womb of the second wife? 49707 - He wants to marry her but she does not wear niqaab. Should he go ahead and propose or should he look for someone else? 46958 - Their aunt wants to corrupt them; should they cut off ties with her? 82647 - Is having false teeth fitted regarded as changing the creation of Allaah? 46455 - She faced social pressures that made her stop praying and take off hijab 91510 - He has repented from interfering with his sisters’ daughters – what should he do? 90075 - She is travelling far away and fears fitnah (temptation) for herself 91514 - Problems Between Spouses Due to Children’s Poor Performance at School 90127 - She is sharp-tongued towards her husband and she is complaining that he is keeping away from her 89757 - Should he throw his alcoholic uncle out of the house? 20343 - His wife does not accept advice. What is the solution? 83064 - Her family has a bad reputation and she wants to go far away from them 72204 - Ruling on reading love stories and watching romantic movies 82907 - Is it permissible to tell ones family of a pregnancy before three months? 82866 - She entered Islam then she deviated from the path of guidance and she wants to repent 83724 - She is in love and it has affected her – should she go to a psychologist? 83748 - She wants to help her fiancé with regard to marriage but her siblings say no 85100 - He does not have any work; can he stay with his paternal aunt who is married to a Christian?