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Psychological and Social Problems

83748 - She wants to help her fiancé with regard to marriage but her siblings say no 85100 - He does not have any work; can he stay with his paternal aunt who is married to a Christian? 83424 - Is my marriage decreed? Do obedience and sin alter the divine decree? 50731 - Smacking and Pinching a One-Year Old Child 82073 - His wife’s family stipulated that he has to become rich before they will send his wife and children back to him 84364 - She is going to get married, and her hymen was broken without her committing any immoral action 78353 - She is blind and she has no one to protect her and help her. Can she keep a dog that is trained for that purpose? 78737 - His problems with his maternal uncle caused him to fail his exam; can he ask him for compensation? 72397 - His mother treated him badly after he got married 60200 - Ruling on one who puts something in his back passage, and how can he be treated? 46886 - Her father is sexually attracted to her – what should she do? 69752 - She became Muslim but her family do not know and they want her to marry a non-Muslim 72257 - Delay of marriage and its connection to al-qada’ wa’l-qadar 52822 - She wants to take the notebook of her servant on the grounds that she taught her what is in it 60244 - Is it permissible for him to live with his paternal uncle who has adolescent daughters? 72366 - He wants the names of books that deal with solving social problems 60235 - He is uncertain of his wife’s virginity because there was no bleeding 52886 - Is it permissible for him to trim his beard so that he will not be exposed to harm? 70363 - Ruling on suicide and on offering the funeral prayer and praying for one who has committed suicide 70235 - She is a new Muslim and cannot control her feelings at the time of her menses