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Rulings on enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil

217453 - Should he enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong to someone who will not listen to what he says? 188900 - There is nothing wrong with reporting criminals, even in an non-Muslim country 143146 - How we should react to websites that vilify Islam, and what are the ways in which we can support Islam? 70177 - Muslim forbidding his non-Muslim wife to celebrate her religious festivals 138974 - His boss tells him to accept work from contractors that is contrary to the required specifications 170391 - Ruling on gathering to eat, offer condolences and recite Qur’aan together 114787 - She has a friend who does not wear hijab and her mother has told her not to be friends with her; should she obey her mother? 38282 - His wife does not want to fast 145844 - Can he say “Thank you” (as in “No, thank you”) to someone who offers him wine and he does not take it? 158570 - He finds it difficult to collect the papers that are thrown on the ground, on which there is the name of Allah 42771 - The Muslims who live in kaafir lands must unite 36805 - How should he deal with his sisters who do not wear full hijab? 32725 - She is complaining about her husband’s attachment to the Society for the Promotion of Virtue 146436 - His Christian family start the meal with a supplication to Jesus; what should he do? 39357 - A brother’s responsibility towards his siblings at home 33757 - Changing evil by one’s hand 130671 - Is it permissible to rent halls for wedding parties in hotels in which evils are widespread? 127836 - Is she sinning if she turns on the television for someone else? 10218 - Advising a person to his face 12812 - Can denouncing evil only be done with the permission of the ruler?