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Rulings on enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil

105296 - Should he tell on an employee who goes to permissive websites? 119600 - If he allows people who bring alcohol with them to drink it in his restaurant, is he sinning? 112062 - Is it permissible to remove the innovators from the mosque? 117891 - Ruling on spreading a program that enables the user to receive hundreds of channels 111959 - How to denounce evil in one’s heart 93211 - Should he warn his friends against listening to this daa’iyah? 87916 - Should the one who falls into bid’ah (innovation) be denounced? 106607 - He rides in a bus or taxi and cannot get the driver to turn off the haraam music 104020 - Should he denounce evil and remind people to stop it every time it happens? 101639 - There is a lot of tabarruj in his country; should he denounce such women in the street? 106608 - He has no choice but to travel in taxis in which there is haraam music 104043 - Hacking immoral websites 102874 - Playing Qur’aan in the audio chat room in which there is music 22147 - Is it necessary in order to denounce evil that it be removed completely, or is it sufficient to reduce it 97923 - Does he have to denounce it every time he hears musical ring tones from his friends’ mobile phones? 96662 - Is he sinning if he sees an evil action and does not denounce it? 88025 - She mixes with her relative, uncovers her face in front of him and talks to him on the phone 70509 - Ruling on telling the authorities about one who is stealing 87779 - They are denouncing him for applying the Sunnah and saying that it divides the Muslims 77579 - Do not stop calling non-Muslims to Islam for fear that they may revile the religion