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Islamic politics

98134 - Concept of democracy in Islam 188900 - There is nothing wrong with reporting criminals, even in an non-Muslim country 147540 - Oath of allegiance (bay‘ah) of ‘Ali ibn Abi Taalib to Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq (may Allah be pleased with them both) 201633 - The story of ‘Umar’s exiling of Nasr ibn Hajjaaj from Madinah 126938 - He was Muslim, then he went back to his country and apostatised, then he came back to a Muslim country; is he a mu‘aahad (non-Muslim living under Muslim protection)? How should we deal with him? 178080 - Is it permissible for ordinary people to label as a kaafir one who reviles Islam, without referring to the scholars concerning that? 128862 - Does Islam regard non-Muslims with mercy and compassion? 21878 - It is not permissible to forsake a Muslim because of differences in points of view 107166 - Ruling on democracy and elections and participating in that system 110455 - Advice to the Muslims in Finland 111836 - How the caliph of the Muslims is appointed 111898 - Muslim taking part in elections with non-Muslims 82681 - Is it permissible to swear allegiance to a kaafir ruler? 95366 - Trying to avoid being appointed as a judge 97827 - Western human rights organizations and the ruling on referring to them for judgement 12565 - Should he shave off his beard if he travels to a country where those who have beards are persecuted? 31888 - The situation of the Muslims in Palestine 23320 - To whom should ba’yah (allegiance) be given? 21509 - Role of the khaleefah of the Muslims? 21977 - Solution to the Palestinian issue