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Striving and migrating for the sake of Allaah

219899 - Does he have to migrate from an area where a lot of sin is committed, even though he works there? 170287 - He wants to migrate, fleeing for the sake of his religious commitment from temptation, but his father will not let him 110267 - Is it permissible for her to study in a mixed environment in a non-Muslim country? 224475 - Ruling on a Muslim travelling to the land of disbelief to settle and reside there 139025 - She wants to leave the land of disbelief and go back to her family, but they refused to let her do so. What should she do? 221687 - Do the teachings of the Prophets differ with regard to the prescription of fighting? 104119 - When will help and victory from Allah come? 174409 - Should he stay in the disbelievers’ land in order to take care of his son from his apostate ex-wife, or should he go back to his Muslim country? 178435 - Is his father regarded as a martyr if he died on the job? 170927 - Moving away from places of shirk 153613 - He set aside money for the purpose of Hijrah (migration to a Muslim country) then swore to give it in charity if he fell into sin 159363 - Can she sponsor her brother to come and live in Canada even though he is not religiously committed? 148906 - He wants to go back to his country but there is war there; is his wife obliged to obey him? 47672 - Is it obligatory for those who embrace Islam in kaafir lands to migrate (hijrah)? 138420 - Ruling on jumping out of an aeroplane with a parachute 129214 - Will a Muslim who is killed wrongfully or treacherously or as a result of his house collapsing on him be a martyr? 3288 - She works in a seniors’ home, cooks pork and serves wine 100521 - Why did the Muslims conquer Andalusia? 110455 - Advice to the Muslims in Finland 87962 - If he has enough money to do Hajj or undertake an obligatory migration (hijrah), to which should he give precedence?