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Guardianship, Representation

174410 - He distributes products for someone else in return for commission; can he increase the price of the products? 150411 - Ruling on working as a debt collector for a riba-based financial institution 147273 - He bought some antiques for someone else in return for a certain percentage, then after a while he found out that they were counterfeit 22297 - Agent taking payment for doing something on behalf of another 142170 - Dealing with the Waseetuka website for buying goods from websites 36573 - Someone appointed him to buy something for him; is it permissible for him to increase the price without that person’s knowledge? 96897 - His boss gave him the job of following up on some technical drawings, and he managed to save some money on that 121386 - If he says to the broker: Sell this for such and such an amount and anything more than that is yours 96641 - Is it permissible for the da’wah office to take what is left over from a program to buy and distribute to the poor? 98439 - He was asked to sell the product for a specific price but he is selling it for more and keeping the difference 72364 - Should he give his wife control over her own wealth as he does not handle money well? 85468 - It is essential to adhere to the method specified by the donor in distributing charity 26770 - Is it permissible for a daughter to pay zakaat al-fitr on behalf of her father? 4347 - Delegating a charity organization to pay kafaarat yameen (expiation for breaking a vow) 11551 - Women and teaching 4048 - Ruling on an employee and agent of the company owner taking a commission on sales