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Womens clothing

115676 - Women playing sports: guidelines, conditions and risks 107783 - How can she make it easier for herself to wear hijab? 199049 - It is not permissible to make accusations without proof against a Muslim woman who does not wear hijab, or to pray that she go to Hell 192411 - A girl wants to become Muslim and conceal her Islam; how should she deal with issues of prayer, hijab and eating pork? 224810 - His mother wants his wife to uncover her face in front of his relatives but his wife refuses to do that 217968 - It is not permissible for a female doctor to take off her hijab when visiting patients, even if the laws governing her work require her to do that 220174 - It is not permissible for a girl to wear short clothes in front of her parents under any circumstances 115098 - If his sister goes out wearing a hijab and pants, what should he do? 220069 - She wants to study gynaecology but that may require her to take off the niqab sometimes 222000 - A new Muslimah is doubtful about the obligation of wearing hijab when praying 212658 - She wants to take off her hijab because she was forced to wear it when she was young! 194976 - Hijab in Islam is not due to sexual obsession 152061 - Ruling on taking off the niqab in foreign countries 198143 - After becoming Muslim, should she ask those who were her friends in the past to remove pictures of her that they have on Facebook? 148014 - Taking pictures of women in Qur’aan teaching centres and showing them on satellite channels 159926 - Is it permissible for women to go to swimming pools? 110163 - Ruling on a woman removing her clothes in a place other than her own house 164700 - Can she breastfeed her baby in front of other women? 166083 - Does a Muslim woman have to cover her face in the presence of a gay man? 167259 - If her parents force her to go to a school where she has to take off her niqab, should she take it off in the street too?