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Prayer of the Traveler

192168 - If a person is always travelling, can he avail himself of the concessions of travel? 207229 - He lives and works in the city of Raabigh, and he travels to visit his family in at-Taa’if at the weekend; can he avail himself of the concessions of travel? 191555 - He is going to work on a cruise ship and is asking how he can pray when he is always travelling 111894 - Shortening the prayers when travelling is a confirmed Sunnah 130010 - Wife's Prayers When Visiting Husband Living in Another State 69816 - Can he shorten his prayers and eat before leaving his house on a journey? 40299 - Should a traveller offer the prayers in shortened form in his house or pray in congregation in the mosque? 44555 - The distance at which it is prescribed to shorten one’s prayers and join them 106921 - They are travelling to a European country and there are 15 of them; should they pray Jumu ‘ah? 26186 - Traveller praying behind a resident 20017 - Combining two prayers before travelling 109310 - They camp in al-Sharaa’i’ during Hajj and are asking about joining and shortening prayers and Jumu’ah prayer 129367 - He is travelling and the time for Jumu’ah has come; should he pray it as Zuhr and shorten it and join it to ‘Asr? 5975 - ‘Asr and the traveller 121118 - A traveller wants to join two prayers but he thinks it most likely that he will reach his city before the end of the time for the second one 121610 - A student is studying in one city and living in another: can he shorten his prayers? 21756 - When should he pray witr when Maghrib is combined with ‘Isha’? 22255 - Ruling on a traveller joining his prayers at the end of the day 121637 - He has two houses in two cities. Can he shorten his prayers when he travels to one of them? 22102 - Doing one prayer straight after the other when combining two prayers