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Sunnah Actions in Prayer

233313 - He stood up to make up what he had missed the prayer when the imam had not yet completed his salaam at the end of the prayer 186625 - Ruling on raising the hands between prostrations 192165 - Is it recommended to do the Sunnah prayers all the time, or is it better not to do them sometimes so that they do not become like the obligatory prayers? 197414 - He recited quietly at the beginning of his prayer, then someone else joined him; should he complete it reciting quietly or out loud? 201153 - Ruling on reciting al-Faatihah out loud then reciting the surah that comes after it quietly, in the same rak‘ah 165999 - It is mustahabb to continue pointing with the finger during the tashahhud until the second tasleem is complete 206946 - There is nothing wrong with breaking up a single verse over two rak‘ahs, but that is contrary to what is preferable 135290 - Should one who joins the prayer late recite the opening du‘aa’? 138009 - What should the worshipper intend when he says the tasleem at the end of the prayer? 145200 - Height and width of the sutrah 144208 - Keeping the arms away from the body when bowing and prostrating in a congregational prayer 39172 - Varying and combining the adhkaar to be recited when bowing 48997 - Should a traveller pray Sunnah? 22174 - Ruling on closing the eyes when praying 20199 - When should a child be stopped from passing in front of a person who is praying? 25848 - What is the evidence for looking the place of prostration when bowing in rukoo’? 21565 - The better of them is the one who does more naafil actions 108275 - Sending blessings upon the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allaah be upon him) when he is mentioned in obligatory and naafil prayers 126664 - Is the reward for prayer reduced by half if one does not have a sutrah? 75058 - Is it essential that the du’aa’s recited in prayer be proven in the Sunnah?