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Things Which Invalidate the Prayer

194530 - His wudoo’ was invalidated after saying the tasleem to his right; is his prayer valid or must he repeat it? 193034 - If a woman did not cover her feet when praying, out of ignorance, does she have to repeat her prayer? 136524 - Does carrying a child on whom there is some najaasah (impurity) render the prayer and wudoo’ invalid? 129666 - If someone loses his wudoo’ whilst praying and goes and does wudoo’, can he resume his prayer from where he left off or should he start all over again? 170010 - He notices the taste of toothpaste when he is praying. What should he do about food remnants that remain between his teeth? Is his prayer invalidated by swallowing his saliva? 151653 - Should he interrupt his prayer in order to answer one of his parents if they call him? 65685 - Is it permissible to make a player-place in which women will be in front of the imam? 144265 - Advice to one who deliberately makes a praying person laugh and distracts him from his prayer by talking to him 108272 - Does hesitating about stopping the prayer cancel it out? 117779 - How to understand the hadeeth when the prophet instructed the one who prayed badly to repeat his prayer and not ordering Mu’awiyah to repeat it? 114225 - Ruling on saying salaam to one who is praying 97356 - Putting gum in the mouth without chewing it when praying 27014 - If he recites “Is not Allaah the Best of judges?” in the prayer, should he say, “Bala (Yes indeed)? 93529 - If a person wants to cancel his intention whilst doing wudoo’, praying or fasting 25803 - Does a cat invalidate one’s prayer? 87749 - List of things that invalidate the prayer 65682 - Should she stop her prayer because her family does not know that she is Muslim? 21272 - Ruling on having chewing gum in one’s mouth when praying 10419 - Ruling on smiling during prayer 8603 - Ruling on praying whilst resisting the urge to urinate or defecate