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Adultery/fornication and Homosexuality

165438 - He committed zina with her and she got pregnant; can he marry her while she is pregnant or should she abort he foetus? 47924 - Expiation for committing adultery with a married woman 162851 - His wife committed zina twice with a Christian man; should he divorce her? If she apostatises will there be any sin on him? 147111 - Is it true that the one who commits fornication with a virgin will never smell the fragrance of Paradise? 60269 - She advised him and he came to thank her, and they committed zina 151932 - Who is the guardian of an illegitimate daughter when it comes to her getting married? 148528 - Marriage after a haraam relationship in which there was no zina 47971 - They committed zina, then they repented and got married, but she is sure that they will be punished and their children will be deformed 139869 - Can she ask her husband to use a condom to protect herself if he marries another wife? 138270 - The basic principle is that zina is a greater sin than gambling and drinking alcohol 12707 - Tragedy suffered by a girl whose mother’s husband does not fear Allaah 21223 - She wants to give up prayer as she feels shy before Allaah because she is committing zina 128111 - The crime of zina and getting rid of its effects 10050 - Why does Islam forbid lesbianism and homosexuality? 104492 - She repented from a haram relationship in which she lost her virginity. Should she marry who fornicated with her? 27176 - He wants to repent from homosexuality and needs help 103291 - He does not pray and they are afraid that he is working as a pimp 11195 - Commited Adultery and Wants to Abort Foetus 12515 - Permissibility of a Fornicator Marrying a Believing Woman 45522 - She claims that her husband raped her daughter and left; is she divorced automatically?