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Adultery/fornication and Homosexuality

97884 - Ruling on one who committed zina with a non-Muslim woman when he was not married 111983 - Can the marriage contract of a zaaniyah be annulled? 98125 - Relationship With Female Colleague: Must He Marry Her? 70475 - He had anal intercourse with a foreign woman but they have repented. Is it permissible for them to get married? 89791 - How sound is the hadeeth, “Give the adulterer the tidings of poverty”? 100270 - She is not sure that she is really her father’s child 84982 - Incest is a worse and more serious sin 101771 - If she accuses her husband of zina, does she have the right to separate from him by means of li’aan? 101112 - If a child is the illegitimate offspring of two kaafirs, can he be named after the zaani? 83034 - Shar’i implications of husband’s zina with his wife’s mother before and after marriage 87894 - He wants to marry a girl with whom he had a relationship 97987 - She married the one who committed zina with her after she gave birth and the nifaas bleeding stopped 95580 - He lived in sin with his girlfriend and had a child from her and he wants to marry her 85335 - It is not permissible to marry a zaani or zaaniyah unless they have repented 94820 - She committed zina and got pregnant from a stranger. What should she do? 95754 - He committed zina during one of the nights of Ramadan and he wants to repent 88051 - Protecting societies from zina 93152 - She claimed that she was pregnant with a child from him and had an abortion, and he paid the expenses 90054 - She committed zina and wants to abort the foetus 85043 - Attribution of an illegitimate child and rulings that result from that