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Adultery/fornication and Homosexuality

13707 - Can she marry someone who practices homosexuality? 20983 - The punishment for zina (fornication, adultery) and how to keep oneself from going back to it 14381 - Is it permissible for one who has committed zina (fornication or adultery) to get married after he or she has repented? 13331 - Abortion of a foetus resulting from a zina relationship 10340 - He committed zina with a woman and wants to marry her, but her father refuses 8895 - He committed zinaa then he became Muslim; should he be subjected to the punishment? 32 - Repentance From Fornication and Status of Child 5967 - His parents admitted to him that he was conceived in zinaa. Whose name should he take? 5177 - Can those who have committed homosexual acts be forgiven, and is it permissible for such a person to get married? 6926 - How can zinaa be proven? 2103 - If she committed zinaa when she was not Muslim and had a child, then she became Muslim, what should she tell other people and the child himself? 1397 - Acceptance of righteous deeds from one who commits zina 3625 - Her past is giving her sleepless nights and she feels bad for her child 3006 - Ruling on illegitimate children 3013 - Is zinaa intercourse only? 751 - Why adultery, gambling and the flesh of swine are haraam 2104 - Muslim attitude towards the sin of homosexuality 373 - A woman who committed adultery and is contemplating suicide 839 - Abrogation of the verse ordering the confinement of an adulteress in a house 728 - Repentance of the Fornicator