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221126 - She broke the Ramadan fast because of a relationship between her and a young man; what must she do? 222445 - Ruling on giving the expiation for delay in making up missed fasts to relatives 156550 - Repentance and expiation are required from one who commits zina during the day in Ramadan 174438 - He came home from travelling and was not fasting, and he had intercourse with his wife during the day in Ramadan; do they have to offer expiation? 148163 - He travelled to a house of his in Madinah and had intercourse during the day in Ramadan without ejaculating 106476 - When is expiation required for one who broke the fast in Ramadaan without an excuse? 107780 - Ruling on one who forgets to make up missed fasts before the next Ramadaan comes 134087 - He should make up what he owes first, then fast on behalf of the deceased 106532 - Is expiation for having intercourse during the day in Ramadaan required from the woman too? 26866 - Breaking one’s fast in Ramadaan deliberately, with no excuse 132273 - Is it obligatory to feed sixty poor persons in one go? Can he feed his family with what he offers as expiation (kafaarah)? 132421 - He wants to delay making up Ramadan fasts until winter because the days are shorter 82394 - She got her period whilst fasting for two consecutive months – does that interrupt that continuous fasting? 106533 - Is the expiation for having intercourse during the day in Ramadan waived in the case of one who is unable to do it? 131660 - He died owing expiation for having intercourse during the day in Ramadan. What should his children do? 112015 - He drank something after Fajr during a voluntary fast. Does he have to offer expiation? 124817 - He started to fast two consecutive months then Ramadaan began. Should he stop the consecutive fasts? 38867 - She fasted the days of her period out of ignorance – what should she do? 112102 - How can he make up missed fasts? 93243 - Amount of fidyah to be paid by one who is unable to fast because of old age or sickness