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Prostration when reading Qur’aan and Prostration of thanksgiving

188847 - Ruling on the imam doing the prostration of gratitude (sujood ash-shukr) during the Friday khutbah 171666 - Should the prostration of recitation be repeated if the verse of prostration is repeated for the purpose of memorisation? 22650 - How to do sujood al-tilaawah, and do you need wudoo’ for it? 131299 - Is it permissible to stick to tasbeeh and dhikr instead of sujood al tilaawah (prostration of recitation)? 116874 - It is not prescribed to do a single prostration for the sake of du’aa’ 120670 - What should the person praying behind an imam do if he recites a verse in which there is a sajdah (prostration)? 109269 - List of ahaadeeth about the prostrations of recitation 34689 - What is to be said in the prostration of forgetfulness and the prostration of recitation? 98156 - Worshipping Allaah by prostrating only 96807 - Should he prostrate to Allaah in gratitude for the blessing of hearing and sight? 85206 - The imam did the prostration of recitation and the person praying behind him did not realize, so he bowed 73402 - Should he do the prostration of recitation if he hears a recording of a verse in which a prostration is required? 22918 - He did sujood al-tilaawah with the imam at the back of the mosque, then he came forward and joined the prayer 34668 - Naafil prayers at times when prayer is not allowed 32750 - Is sujood al-tilaawah one or two prostrations? 21888 - What is to be said in sujood al-shukr (prostration of gratitude)? 4305 - Prostration of thanksgiving 40 days after birth 4890 - How one should say Takbeer when doing sajdat al-tilaawah 5001 - Ruling on passing in front of someone who is doing Sajdat al-Tilaawah 4862 - Is it permissible for a menstruating woman to do Sajdat al-Tilaawah?