Spending on those under ones responsibility

198250 - His father gives him money for his university expenses, then there is some extra money left over; is it permissible for him to take it? 198082 - Ruling on using the returns on investment certificates for postgraduate education 179748 - Does he have to pay zakaat al-fitr on behalf of the orphan whom he is sponsoring? 155097 - Does the wife has the right to know about the family budget? 151218 - She took some money from her mother when she was still alive without her knowledge, and now she is the only heir 42220 - For how long does a father have to spend on his child? 144721 - She has both male and female children; who spend on her? 48952 - Can a woman donate any of her money without her husband’s permission? 146876 - Her husband takes her salary; does she have the right to take from him what she is entitled to without his knowing? 44995 - Should she spend on her parents who are poor without her husband’s approval? 21684 - Wife disposing of her own money without her husband’s knowledge 21701 - Benefitting from the wealth of a father who deals in riba 10332 - Is it permissible to pay off the debt of a son who is in need when one has other children? 8916 - Is a husband obliged to spend on his wife’s Hajj? 126221 - He gave his wife money to do Hajj then he died; is it permissible for her to use it for something other than Hajj? 106540 - Is a brother obliged to spend on his sister? 10552 - Spending on relatives 72841 - He gives his family money to buy luxuries and borrows from his wife 13464 - What is the maximum extent of the obligation to spend on one’s children? 85331 - Is the husband obliged to rent accommodation for his son who is in the custody of his ex-wife?