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Spending on those under ones responsibility

85331 - Is the husband obliged to rent accommodation for his son who is in the custody of his ex-wife? 25786 - Does a son have to spend on his father even if he is rich? 112002 - Is spending on a defiantly disobedient wife obligatory if she is pregnant? 83815 - Is it obligatory for the husband to provide medical treatment for his wife? 111892 - Obligation of spending on parents and grandparents 22063 - The reward for spending on one’s wife and children 10495 - His wife demands clothes and gold like her friends have 3463 - Do both fathers and sons have to finance one another’s Hajj? 82066 - If he divorces his pregnant wife as the result of khula’, who should bear the expenses of the birth? 103422 - Problem between him and his wife about maintenance 98399 - His health is failing and his financial situation is bad, and he wants advice 99585 - Zakaat al-fitr on behalf of a wife who has been given a revocable divorce (first or second talaaq) 87983 - His father refuses to arrange his marriage until he has completed his studies 59933 - Ruling on the trustee taking from the orphan’s wealth 47705 - Can she give charity from her housekeeping money without her husband’s knowledge? 12465 - Does she have to obey her husband if he tells her to work outside the home? 20886 - The wife is not entitled to maintenance if she refused to go back to her husband’s house 12214 - Do parents have any rights to the wealth of a married daughter? 21658 - Will a Muslim be rewarded for spending on building? 2686 - If a woman works, does she have to pay the household expenses?